Mardou&Dean was founded in 2007 by Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors. Inspired by Beatnik culture and literature, Ingrid and Patrik create clothes fit for the urban traveler. The modern travelling couple, in constant motion and emotion, is central to the marketing philosophy. With fit and quality in focus, the thin sharp silhouette is a trademark of Mardou&Dean clothing. The cut is edgy but simple and the look crisp, but easy. The idea behind Mardou&Dean is to design a wardrobe of unique, tailored pieces of the finest fabrics and leathers as well as simple everyday wear like t-shirts and jeans. Patrik and Ingrid believe that every garment has its own prime period, that is, time mellows and defines each piece uniquely. In accordance with this, Mardou&Dean aspire to a state of mind rather than the dictates of a passing norm. It is hoped that Mardou&Dean clothing will imbue the wearer with a sense of euphoria. Mardou&Dean Jeans was introduced to the market in 2007 as a high fashion denim line, with jeans for both men and women. Sweaters and t-shirts were added to the collection in autumn 2011, followed by leather in spring 2012. In August 2012, the first Mardou&Dean Runway Show was held; launching Mardou&Dean Souterrain. The collection embraces a complete wardrobe for men and women. Mardou&Dean won the prestigious Norwegian Fashion Award ‘Nåløyet’ in 2010, and COSTUME Award for ‘Best Norwegian Designer’ in 2012. In October 2011 the first Mardou&Dean Concept Store opened in Sorgenfrigaten 17 in Oslo, also housing showroom and headquarter.