Andy Henson and Brent Gold began working together on ‘Henson’ in 2009. With Andy drawing heavily on his film background for inspiration, and Brent referencing his childhood growing up on a farm in New Zealand, Henson’s unique style was born and the duo created their first line of silver jewellery. The jewellery was featured in 2010 Australian Fashion week, drawing wide acclaim from press and buyers and resulting in many of Australia’s leading boutiques acquiring their collection They play with notions of beauty and the idea that something untraditional, unconstrained and maybe even a little bit ugly can be coveted and therefore become beautiful. Their creations are organic, raw and aggressive and often speak of different times, places and cultures. Re-smelted, hand carved and beaten silver, hand made chains and clasps, and the recent introduction of black pearls and diamonds has resulted in a unique blend of classic and contemporary jewellery. The pair has also recently launched a range of handmade leather bags and accessories. Described as having “a highly conceptual and detailed approach to design”, they will often leave ‘traces’ of themselves on each piece. Hammer and file marks on the jewellery, scratch marks and raw edges on the leathers. It is these little signatures that allow people to feel that the objects have passed through human hands.