The body is extremely gracious. It talks. First you don’t hear it. Then you ignore it. Then you learn to listen to it. It takes a while to start a conversation with your body. But the body is patient. And it deserves to be heard. In 2013 two Lithuanian creators founded the Body Talk looking for the universal language between a woman and her body. To initiate the dialogue they chose clothing - a thin piece of fabric separating a body from the world. The Body Talk communicates through feel-good fabrics, seamless designs, and timeless fashion. The Body Talk is treating women’s bodies to comfortable, yet elegant clothes. They embody the passion for life and the freedom of expression. That’s why the bodysuits and dresses have become wardrobe staples for vibrant women wearing them on all occasions. The clothes are easily dressed up or down on a whim and the gentle style is not overpowering. Because the hero is the body and the clothes are a way for the body to talk.