Benedict is an italian brand that expresses its creativity through “specialties” accessories service to the extremities of the human body. A microcollection of socks and gloves (hats in the future). Items that feels unique even if part of a family, all Made in Italy. Project proposals should be interpreted as a strategical plan to design fashion accessories that communicate the research of a “new free identity”, “new self”. Benedict will serve the different identities of the tribalism of a district, a city, a state through accessories and fetishes. Design of luxury accessories with a special style, nowhere else to be found. The paradox of Benedict will be to produce for an èlite/tribe but actually work for a large market that is closely related to a local lifestyle and that can be traded around the world, or rather in the different worlds that we are going to identify with it. The brand will not follow different collection themes, but continuous explorations dictated by the different ethnic groups. Benedict is dedicated to a specific attention for the body’s extremities.