A chat with Benedetta Bruzziches My name is Benedetta Bruzziches and I am 27 years old. I grew up in Caprarola, a theatre like village made up of narrow streets and fountains. A place from the past where the wine is still retrieved from the cellar and the rhythm of the town depends on the year’s harvest. I am passionate about film, I like to go out with a book under my arm and I always think that if I had met Fellini I definitely would have cropped up in his "Book of the Dreams". I work a lot, love to laugh, search for mushrooms and listen to the voice of the lake. I love dressing up elegantly, even if just to go to the market and when there I smell the fruit to see if it is good. I love kissing and I love shy people. If you ask me which colour I am, I say primary red, if you ask me which colour you are, I am sure I’ll guess right. I believe in energy and odours, but most of all I believe in wishes and possibilities. I don’t believe in luck, instead, I believe in commitment and the future. I do not like excuses, and I do not have a television at home, I do not like going to the gym, but in the kitchen I am quite the cook. Travelling is my second husband, instinctive, human and adventurous. The thing that scares me most is fear and a certain type of ignorance. I believe in young people but also in the elderly, especially those who have worked hard all their life. If I had to be another woman, I would be Monica Vitti and Rita Levi Montalcini as one. I lived in Rome and loved it, from there I moved to Milan, then to India, China and Brazil. All these before returning to Viterbo where I coloured my study, built a laboratory where the bags can breathe the fresh air and at night I fly on my bicycle and feel like a queen. I chose to live in Viterbo, I chose my brother Agostino and I chose the philosophy of Joy. Entering my studio is like falling into a fairy tale, you could bump into men made of wood, old blackboards, books filled with fairy tales and poetry, cabinets stacked with all sorts and all those characters in the kitchen that come alive and come out to play during the night! Designing a collection for me means experimenting, I take great pleasure in writing stories about the bags, sometimes even more so than designing them. I compare them with the heads of artists, sages and fools. More than materials, I like to talk about stories, other than shapes I like to discuss characters. Whether it's a feeling, a love that ends, a poem about happiness, the evocation of a memory is the story you need to know. On the other hand the bags are tailor made for containing stories. And if I meet you with one of my bags, don’t be surprised if I open it and look inside, of course I won’t steal anything, I’ll just be looking for more stories! Benedetta Bruzziches